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Welcome to YANGAROO Music, the professional distribution platform used by labels, artists, managers, and promoters to deliver music and music video to radio, television, and other industry pros across North America.

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Step One Upload your music, images, and your message/story;
Step Two Choose the package(s) of radio and TV broadcasters you'd like to receive your music or music video;
Step Three Send and you're done!

Recipients can stream and download your music and music video directly from email alerts and the website they receive their new content from the big three labels - the best shot you're going to get to BE HEARD.

"With YANGAROO Music, we get our singles to the right people at the right stations at the press of a button. Working with our tracker (radio promoter), we're able to see exactly which stations are listening and downloading the songs - a huge advantage over the old days of sending out CD's and hoping they get to the top of the pile. Top 10 on the Mediabase Active Rock chart proves it!"
Todd Littlefield, Diesel Management (Manager for Jonas & The Massive Attraction)



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